MoseyHome blogs were designed for travelers, by travelers.

Seriously, the fella who designed and developed every lick of code has been traveling full-time since 2008. He’s ridden the rails and stayed in fancy hotels, bicycled down the West Coast of the US and lived in vintage Airstreams and VW Buses. He’s visited small towns, national parks, lost forests and foreign countries, blogging about it all the while.

So, he knows what’s useful for travelers, what works really well and what doesn’t.

He even makes money at this whole travel blogging thing.

So what do you get with a MoseyHome blog?

Beautiful Design

MoseyHome blogs are not about unlimited options, but instead about what actually works.

screenshot of an example moseyhome post
Imagery and typography are at the forefront of design with MoseyHome blogs.

Your blog is customizable, yes, but right out of the box, it’s easy to use and displays your content in a way that is going to be immediately appealing to your readers.

Imagine, for a moment, you’re in a grocery store, standing in the produce section. You want to buy an avocado, and so you peruse what’s available. Some of the avocados are a little brown and beat up. Others are shining green and look as fresh as can be. Which do you choose?

Now imagine you want to buy a new car. You go to a dealership and they have two in your price range. One has a fancy new paint job. The other is rusted and full of dents.

Which do you choose?

There are two analogies here for a reason. The shiniest avocado is not always the best choice. It may need a day or two to ripen, and won’t work for you if you need it this evening. But it looks really good, so to an untrained eye, it’s the best.

screenshot of moseyhome timeline feature
Display your content via engaging, animated timelines.

Similarly, slapping a new paint of coat on a vehicle doesn’t make its engine run any better. You may get the thing home, only to find it smoking like crazy as you pull into the driveway.

The point? While the content of your blog–what you have to say–may be amazing, if people don’t like what they see at first glance (and in the Internet world, that tends to be within 4 seconds or so), they’ll often just leave and find something else to peruse.

If you want to be the tastiest avocado or the best performing car in the world, you’ve got to look like it, whether your audience is a seasoned travel or just someone who stumbled upon your post. Sure, you can grab WordPress themes and try and install and customize them yourself for next to nothing…but if the end result is amateurish, your audience will see right through it.

MoseyHome blogs were built on 15 years of design and development experience, and 8 years of full-time travel writing know how. They’re designed entirely around what works, and nothing that doesn’t.

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Tools to Set You Apart

The greatest carpenter in the world can’t build a simple bench without wood and the right tools.

There are thousands of travel blogs in the world. There are hundreds if not thousands of people with the idea, “I’m traveling, I should start a blog!” Some of those folks will stick with it, and become successful. Some don’t care about success, they just want to keep a record of their journeys and be done with it.

MoseyHome works for you in either case.

If you want to turn your blog into fame and maybe a little fortune, MoseyHome blogs give you the same tools that the pros charge hundreds of dollars to clue you in on, for a significantly lower price. How? Why? Because MoseyHome wasn’t built by a blogger, it was designed and developed by a seasoned web developer who knows the ins-and-outs of how to create successful sites that earn people money. Hint! It’s about finding your niche and focusing your message. That’s all a little vague, but luckily, you’ll have access to a course that other guys are charging $300+ to take, absolutely for free. MoseyHome is not just a service to provide you with the tools to become a travel blogger…it’s here to help you become a travel blogger who might even learn how to make a living from it all.

If you just want to chronicle your personal trips, that’s fine too! MoseyHome gives you the platform to tell your tale, reach as wide an audience as possible, and leave it at that.

And when you’re done, you can cancel the monthly payments at any time and your blog will live on forever. The only difference will be that you won’t be able to create any new posts, and visitors won’t be able to comment. In essence, your blog will be “on hold”, until you’re ready to come back again.

Lightning Fast, WordPress-specific Server

The greatest story on earth doesn’t exist without the earth in the first place. Likewise, a great website doesn’t exist without a host to back it up.

Websites “live” on servers. They are actual files stored on physical computers somewhere. You can get a GoDaddy server for around $5 / month. It will do okay. By that, I mean, if your family and a few friends are the only people visiting your site, you’re all set.

But what if you actually write something amazing. You share it on Facebook, and people like it. Suddenly, not a handful of people, but hundreds or thousands of people are coming to your site at once to see it. Congratulations! You just went viral, and it’s kind of like a shortcut to Internet fame. You can either capitalize on it–they might sign up for your email list or leave a comment or get in touch personally or visit your store–or you can be on a sluggish, shared host that isn’t tailored to WordPress specifically, and suddenly…your site crashes. Not for an hour, but days. All of that traffic is wasted, those people never see your website, and instead of gaining hundreds or thousands of new readers, you get to sit on the phone with your hosting company all day trying to just get your website working again.

MoseyHome sites use a high end, WordPress-specific hosting service that means you will never face this problem…or any other hosting glitches that you need to work out on your own. It’s just you and your keyboard, leave the technical details up to us.


99% Uptime

All the content in the world doesn't matter if your site isn't up and running.

WordPress logo


Hosting tailor built around blogging. Caching, a CDN, all types of lovely.


Pagespeed A

No one wants to wait for a site to load. MoseyHome gets an A with Google's Pagespeed.

Blogging Features That Exemplify Your Travels

You have the stories, we help you tell them.

Ready to roll?

You got it, get your travel blog in a few minutes.

Let’s Go!

The written word is a powerful thing. The greatest writers of all time have been able to take us to places with nothing but letters strewn together in alluring ways.

Then again, most of us aren’t the greatest writers of all time. Having the right tools to illustrate your ideas makes it a helluva lot easier. MoseyHome provides you with the exact balance of features, and without being overwhelming.


Not all posts are equal. Sometimes you want to tell a story with words. Other times pictures or videos will do the trick. MoseyHome can do all of those, beautifully, and make it easy for you to get it published quickly online.

But what about other types of travel experiences?

screenshot example of timelines


Visualize your story, day by day, year after year, with Timelines.

screenshot of map example


Put yourself on the map, literally, to show your readers where and what's up.

screenshot of reviews and places feature


Whether you're into lists, reviews or just showcasing your favorite spots, the Places format has your back.

a journey of a thousand miles begins with the texas two step


Add your favorite quotes over images. Have fun with your blog!

postcard screenshot


Write home from anywhere in the world, no postage necessary. :)

gallery screenshot


Show your travels off with photos, beautiful galleries or even video.


Sometimes you just want to show people where you’ve been. Inform them of where to go.

People who read travel blogs love this kind of stuff: what are the best breweries in the Pacific Northwest, where should I look into going when traveling across Europe, which areas in Asia are the most friendly to tourists? Whenever you need a map, MoseyHome blogs makes it easy.

Create one off maps for specific posts, or a massive map that clearly illustrates everywhere you’ve been, and allows your readers to interact in a meaningful and fun way.

Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story image There are a plethora of options available with MoseyHome blogs, but even the "regular old post" shines.

Reviews: Hiking Trails of Montreat, North Carolina Rate your favorite locations, describe them and add images, maps and links to help your readers learn more.

Map: Breweries in Astoria, Oregon Hey, look! Another map. 🙂 You can use the map post format to show your readers whatever you’d like. Your...

Example Gallery: Florida

Example Gallery: Florida image Compliment your galleries any way you’d like. Add a story about where you were when you took them, or a...

Greetings from Pennsylvania!

Greetings from Pennsylvania! image Learn more about the Postcards layout.

Layout: Postcards!

Layout: Postcards! image A fun layout type to say Greetings from Whever in the World You Are!

Greetings from Mt. Bachelor!

Greetings from Mt. Bachelor! image Is it autumn, summer or winter? It's hard to tell from the Cascades!

Greetings from the Alabama Hills!

Greetings from the Alabama Hills! image Free boondocking galore in the shadow of Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in the Continental US!

Greetings from Crater Lake!

Greetings from Crater Lake! image It's high tourist season on a Father's Day, but we managed to find the last available camping spot!

Season’s Greetings from the Florida Keys!

Season’s Greetings from the Florida Keys! image Who said you can't have Christmas in Florida? What's more festive than palm trees waving in the ocean breeze?

Greetings from Helen, Georgia!

Greetings from Helen, Georgia! image A Bavarian town in the heart of Georgia, mom! You'd love it!!!

Video Example: I Left My Heart on the 395 Learn more about videos.

Video Example: Lands of Cacti & Yuccas Learn more about videos.

Video Example: West Texas Learn more about videos.

Video Example: Florida Learn more about videos.

Video Example: Chasing Autumn Learn more about videos.

Video Example: Vandwelling Delmarva Learn more about videos.

Video Example: Heartlands & Hometowns Learn more about videos.

Video Example: Into the Rockies Learn more about videos.

A Map: Old Growth National Forest Campgrounds in the Pacific Northwest

A Map: Old Growth National Forest Campgrounds in the Pacific Northwest image This is an example of the mapping features available with MoseyHome. But you could also use it to find some...

Greetings from Guanajuato!

Greetings from Guanajuato! image This place is liking nothing we've seen in Mexico so just feels so authentic, if it's a tourist town, it's a tourist town for Mexicans. And look at those colors!
screenshot of map example

Post Maps Format

Create one off, custom maps of anywhere, anything you'd like!

the big map

The Big Map

One map of all of your posts. Show the world where you've been at a glance!

screenshot of reviews and places feature

Maps Post Format

Add context and substance to your maps. What was the place about? Was it awesome? Where can I read more?

Places & Reviews

screenshot of places features
Rate, map and link off to more content with the Places format.

Want to tell your readers where the best coffee shops in Asheville are? Clue them in on a series of cheap and amazing hostels you stayed in while wandering around France? Which campgrounds in British Columbia have access to the most magnificent old growth forests?

Easily review, rate and provide location information on your blog with our places format.

I Want a MoseyHome Blog


Long gone, it seems, are the days of buying a postcard and mailing it back to mom just to say, “Greetings from New Zealand! Missing you!” Or so it seems.

We personally love handwritten letters to our friends and family, although receiving them in kind isn’t always as easy with no fixed address.

Postcards on MoseyHome, however, make it easy to put together a blog post with a faux postcard at the top. It’s just one of several fun and attractive ways to get people thinking, “Man, I love this blog!”

I Want a Blog!

postcard layout screenshot
Postcards allow you to format your content into the super fun stuff! People notice beautiful design, and it not only makes them want to stick around and read your stuff, but share it, too!


You know how people love a gorgeous photo with a classic quote written over it? C’mon, you know that you’ve seen them! MoseyHome makes it easier than ever to create these…as part of your blog or something you can use on Instagram or other social networks to draw people’s attention back to your site.

enjoy yourself, it's later than you think
not all who wander have lost their keys


screenshot of moseyhome timeline feature
Display your content via engaging, animated timelines.

Now and then, nothing illustrates a point like walking people through it. “I did this, that and the other,” though, can be a bit bland. There are enough personal diaries out there on the web that people tend to just skim right through them.

With timelines on MoseyHome, though, we give you the ability to create an entire experience for your users. As they scroll down, they’ll see each moment of your roadtrip across Australia or your six months in South America animated in, photos, your words, and when you did each one, so captivating that they’ll want to make it all the way through.

It’s Time I Got Blogging!

Galleries, Photos & Videos

Thanks to the ease of use and power of WordPress, you can also add images and videos to your posts. With MoseyHome, you can go a step further and create a plethora of differently styled galleries and photos, bringing your words to life instantly. Show your photography as big and beautifully as you’d like, or keep it toned down and simple. It’s your call.

gallery screenshot


Tell an entire tale with nothing but photos...



With unlimited storage, MoseyHome is a place to store all of your best travel photos.

a video


Video is as easy as copy and paste.

And of course, the usual blogging stuff!

Place your posts into categories so your readers can easily discern which posts apply to different aspects of your journeys. Family, roadtrip, California, Asia, campfire recipes…whatever you can imagine, categories help you group them together to make it easier to find related content all in one place.

Or tag your posts in a looser format. Maybe you talk about hostels occasionally, or what it’s like to communicate with people in foreign languages. Tags make it easy to group content in a way that isn’t rigid…and then give your readers a chance to easily explore everything you have to say on the subject.

Schedule posts to go live days, weeks or months into the future. Choose which ones readers will see first, or password protect posts that are private so only the folks you choose can read them. Control what’s displayed on the sidebar on a post-by-post basis, or add a newsletter signup form or links to your social media on every page.

You can even add advertisements to your site to make a little extra cash to fill your gas tank or help pitch in for that next flight…or if you’re really serious, to pay for your entire travels.

And when you go big time, you can even allow others to post on your site, too, whether that means guest bloggers, a paid staff of writers, or just giving different accounts and voices to everyone in your family.


You travel, right? And you probably visit some places that you really like, and write a ton about those places. The best coffee shops, hikes, all the little secrets and quirks that made you fall in love with that place in the first place.

Or maybe you travel the world visiting brewery after brewery. Or maybe you just write about how to do certain things…pack light, travel on a budget, find the best deals wherever. Whatever you write about, Guides allow you to group things together, to make it easy for your readers to digest your content.

You can either use tags in your posts to automatically add content to the Guides you create, or manually choose which posts, pages, and even other guides, will be shown.

They’re pretty rad, and your readers will love you for making it so easy to digest your best stuff.

screenshot of the guides feature

Page Features

Okay so firstly, “Pages” on your site, with a capital P, are just content that you produce outside of blog posts and Guides. They’re static, meaning they live on forever at one location and aren’t subject to the whims of how much new content you add to your blog.

Most websites have rather bland pages, a bunch of text on the left, a sidebar on the right, and you’re done. With MoseyHome, though, you can create rich Pages (like the one you’re looking at now!) where you can add newsletter signups, your map, calls to action, panels of content…the possibilities are pretty limitless!

Great Pages convince your readers to stick around. To learn more about you and fall in love with your story. Tell them about the new e-book you’re writing, sell them on your products…whatever you want to do, Pages can make it happen.

Do you want a MoseyHome blog already?

This page is an example of everything that’s possible, right out of the box, no customization required, with MoseyHome. 🙂

Yes, I Want One!


You don’t have to wait for Google Ads or random sponsors to come and support your travel lifestyle, open up your own online store!

Whether you want to sell t-shirts or patches, your physical art or digital mp3s, e-books or a service, you have the option to turn Woocommerce–the world’s leading e-commerce platform–on instantly with your MoseyHome account.

Coming October 2016!


Search engine optimization is the process of getting your site to show up as high as possible on Google’s search results pages.

It’s a big deal, because if people can’t find you, they won’t follow your journey. SEO is built into every aspect of MoseyHome blogs, from behind the scenes codes to simple plugins to help you submit your site to Google’s Webmaster Tools to the ability to edit things like title and meta tags easily without any additional plugins.

And coming soon, our courses on how to build a better blog in general, which will feature regular tips on how to write better for both your users and the search engines. is a way to tell Google what your site is all about. When you create reviews, we give Google that information and they then use it to determine whether or not they should place you higher up in the results, with extra info on your search result listing, like how many stars you gave a place or how many reviews in total. It’s just one more way to make Google happy, and give you site that extra edge!

Advanced Social Media

Sure, we’ve got the “sharing” buttons. But they’re not the bloated ones you’ll get directly from the social networks, they’re lightweight versions that still get people interested in clicking on them, but don’t:

  1. Slow your site down.
  2. Send your visitors off to another website (ie Facebook), where they’ll forget about you and start checking in on what silly antics their neighbors cat has been up to this afternoon.

Plus, you get more control over how your content appears when it’s shared. Choose the exact image and text that’ll show up when someone posts your link over at Facebook or Twitter. Be in control of your own social destiny!

screenshot of title tag and meta tools

Tools to Make it Easy for You

SEO shouldn't be your primary concern, good content should be. We make it easy to tweak things, but not get lost in the process.

facebook preview

Facebook Controls in Post

Control the photo and text that'll be displayed when you share your content on sites like Facebook. code

Behind the Scenes Code and OpenGraph are automatically added to your site based on what will work best for any given page. Facebook & Google are happy, and you don't have to lift a finger.

Regular access to how to blog the best, make money, stand out and get noticed.

As we mentioned above, in the coming months we’ll be releasing regular updates and tips on how to get the most out of the blogosphere.

Not every blogger becomes famous, but those who put the time in and know how to work the system certainly see astoundingly better results than a guy who picked up a Blogger account, went at it, and then failed due to frustration. We want to see you succeed as much as you do, because without you, there’s no MoseyHome. We’re in this together!

Vote on new features

Every three months we’ll gather all of the input from our members, create a poll, and let you decide what new features should go into MoseyHome. Of course, we’ll decide how those features get implemented (designer knows best :), but this is to be a community-driven project that betters everyone–you, us, your readers, and the web in general.

Features on Wand’rly Magazine

We also run a very popular online magazine with tens of thousands of readers coming to our site every month, thousands of newsletter subscribers and a pretty healthy social media following, as well.

Once you’ve been a member for six months, and as long as you’re actively traveling in some way, hit us up and we’ll feature your story on the magazine! Plus, after six months, you can apply to be a guest blogger on Wand’rly proper, and get regular access to our thousands of readers!