Frequently Asked Questions

A few quick points that might solve all of the world’s problems…or answer your questions anyway.

What happens if I want to stop blogging?

If you want to quit blogging, you can cancel your account completely, or continue paying the low monthly fee, and your blog will live on for as long as you do so. This isn’t much more than you’d pay for a cheap hosting account, but you get a stellar, WordPress-specific server and your content will live on.

You can also export all of your posts, pages and media at any time, to just save them somewhere on your computer or move to another setup if you’d like. We don’t think you will though! 😉

What will my domain name be?

At no extra charge, you can get a name like If you’ve already got your own domain name, we can set it up so that’s where your new site will live, too, for just a tiny one time fee.

You can get a domain name from GoDaddy for a few bucks a year.

Can I customize the look of my site?

There are some options to choose what your site’s header will look like, how your content is displayed, and manage things like your navigation. MoseyHome isn’t about providing you every single option, though, it’s about what actually works well. We’ve been traveling and blogging for a long time, trust us!

You also have the ability to add custom CSS and Javascript to the site, though, either to the entire site or on a page-by-page basis, so technically you could go pretty wild if you’re comfortable writing in those programming languages.

Want more options? A specific feature? Submit a feature request!

What platforms do MoseyHome blogs run on?

WordPress. It’s incredibly intuitive, easy to use and now powers around 25% of the web. You’re going to love it.

Have any other questions? Feel free to contact us, we’d be happy to answer them!