Are you guilty of taking more pictures than you know what to do with, every time you visit a new place?

Yeah, us too. 🙂

Your new blog can give you just the place to store them. Unlimited storage means you can upload as many of your photos as you’d like!

Photo galleries with MoseyHome means a ton of options, but you can also set it and forget it. For example, you can do any of the layouts below…but if you have one you prefer, set it up once and your blog will be smart enough to remember it every time you add a gallery to the site.

Control the Sizes of Your Galleries

You can choose how large the images you upload are, what size they’re displayed as thumbnails in the gallery itself, and how many rows each have.

This one uses larger thumbnails, and allows you to click on a thumbnail to view the image larger right on this page.

Or make your thumbnails smaller so you can include more per screen.

You can also just add big, beautiful images, like this:

an empty road
Note how when you hover over a photo with a caption, it adds a button to share the photo on Pinterest.
mono lake
This one has a caption. This photo is of Mono Lake in the Eastern Sierras of California.
a cloudy sky

You can see more examples of galleries here.

And more photo options here.

Pretty, isn’t it?

Ready to share all of your travel photos, galleries, videos, stories and whatever else you can dream up?

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