We’ve been at this full-time traveling thing awhile.

We’ve ridden trails, hitched rides, lived out of an Airstream and a VW Bus, hopped islands living out of suitcases and rented fancy vacation houses that probably weren’t in the budget.

Here’s a little recap, if you’re interested…and of course, creating timelines of your own like this are super easy with MoseyHome.

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Nathan & Tristan hit the Road in a 1997 Dutchman

an old class c rv

There were breakdowns, adventures, and a new sense of urgency to live. It was great for about a year, until…

Enter Renée

a beautiful girl stands in front of a vw bus

I got an email from an old friend, the love of my life really. That changed everything. We got a 1978 VW Bus and the three of us kept on down the road.

We had a few more kids...

two kids at a restaurant

They’re truly, “Born on the Road”…

Then we "upgraded" to a 1976 Airstream...

an airstream in texas

It was more room…and more hassle.

Then one day, we decided to head to Mexico...

sunset over a VW Bus

And we’re still here!

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