the New River Bridge near Fayetteville, NC

Layout: Postcards!

A fun layout type to say Greetings from Whever in the World You Are!

Creating your blog should be a good time for you, and reading through it should be a great time for your visitors.

That’s how you keep them coming back. 🙂

So, you’ll create the killer content, epic tales of where you’ve gone, what you’ve learned, who you’ve met…and let your MoseyHome blog make it easy to set your posts up to do the rest. Postcards are one example of that, you add a photo, a title and a little excerpt, check a box and voila, the top of your post looks just like a postcard!

Then add as much content as you’d like. Tell ’em where you went, what you did, add a video, or maybe photos from your trip!

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