You travel. If you don’t own an atlas or a physical map of the country you’re traveling in, chances are you at least open up Google Maps on your phone pretty often.

Maps are an integral part of our traveling lives, and being able to create them on your blog should be, too.

With MoseyHome blogs, you get a nice slice of ways to use maps on your site.

One Off Maps

Create maps of anything, any time, with the Maps post format.

screenshot of map example
Showcase your favorite whatevers: breweries, hikes, restaurants, coffee shops, states, countries…if you can think of it, you can map it!

See the Maps post format in action

Places & Reviews

With the Places post format, you can add maps that include the map itself, of course, but also reviews, descriptions, links to Google Maps proper and more. Give people and insight into where you’ve been and why it’s so amazing, easily and beautifully!

screenshot of reviews and places feature
Add star ratings, a link to Google Maps or more info, the map itself, beautiful photography…the possibilities are as endless as travels.

The Big Map

Geolocate any or all of your posts. If you’re writing about a place, just type the name in while writing your post and we’ll do the rest. Then, using one of our shortcodes, display the map on any page. Your visitors then get a full world view of everywhere you’ve been, and exactly why!

More About Maps

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