About MoseyHome

In 2005, a fellow by the name of Nathan was sitting around in a yet another random coffee shop in Pittsburgh, doing freelance web design for companies all over the world. He’d ride his bike to some new location every day, setup his laptop, and get to work. A new atmosphere, a different commute everyday. It was thrilling.

a man and his son, happy“If I can work from any coffee shop in Pittsburgh,” he figured, “I can work from any coffee shop, anywhere.”

Six months later, he was living out of an RV with his son, traveling around the United States full-time.

Eight years later, now with a beautiful lady by his side and two more kids, he’s still at it, and all the while he’s been either blogging or running a magazine for full-time travelers. As a web designer, WordPress developer, writer and full-time traveler, he’s figured out what really works with travel blogs, and thus MoseyHome was born.

Just as their free travel magazine, Wand’rly, was created to help people learn how to hit the road and make their dreams of traveling full-time come true, MoseyHome is designed to help travelers who want something beautiful to showcase their journey realize that with minimal effort…and without breaking their travel budget.

Nathan earns a six figure income while doing all of this as well. He’s a writer, and knows how to stir the pot to keep multiple sources of income flowing, so it’s not all about working for an hourly rate. He’s a father, and knows the importance of making more time than money. What good is it to be a wildly successful traveling writer if you don’t actually get to enjoy the places you go? Or the people you go there with?